St Helens House Clearances


When engaging a charity or not for profit to clear a property, all to often, they tend to only "cherry pick" certain items. These are typically the items they know will sell in their charity furniture shop quickly. That is fair enough for them, but it doesnt really help you when you need your property cleared and cleaned.

This is where United Giving is different. We are able to genuinely clear a property, even taking any rubbish and waste.  

Recently in Saint Helens we did a full house clearance of a 3 bed property. Nothing was removed or touched. 

The beauty of what we were able to do was take everything and use it to the benefit of the local community.

For example sheets, bedding, covers, cutlery & glassware are all given to a local homeless charity who use the items to their clients who they help find a home

Furniture is restored and repaired by local people on back to work schemes.

Homewares were sold to generate profit to support other local charitable projects

Clothes were either given to a local homeless lodge or young mothers group.

in the end we had only 8 bin bags full of genuine waste. Out of an entire property

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