Restore and resell do not scrap


Each time we get involved in a house clearance or bereavement clearance we are always met with the question "what happens to the furniture"? 

Traditionally most house clearances we are about shifting the contents as quickly as possible and then smaller items put into local auctions to generate additional income for the house clearance company.

The issue we have is that furniture poverty is genuine. The other side of our organisation sees us supporting social services, going into totally empty properties where a young family have been homed. They literally have nothing, children sleeping on the floors with just a mattress, plastic chairs to sit on and cheap clothes hangers instead of any wardrobes. It always surprises us, furniture poverty is much more common than you think.  Often when people are at their most vulnerable and desperate as well.

So this is why we offer free house clearances. We want to be able to recover as much furniture and contents as possible. To either re-sell to generate income for our projects or to donate to the most vulnerable in society.

We want to see an end to the days of house clearance companies breaking up perfectly re usable furniture and taking it to the tip for landfill


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