Recycling Furniture from House Clearances

The beauty of "doing it properly" 

Instead of either scrapping this beautiful unit, or at best as most other house clearance companies do simply sell in an auction or as they found it on ebay, United Giving spend time bringing furniture back to life. A few minor repairs, some deep cleaning and a change of ironmongery gives makes this display cabinet now suitable for even the most discerning customers. 

This battered and bruised unit came from a house clearance in Warrington. It was used as a training piece in our furniture restoration training as a sample and example of what can be done to furniture that most people only think suitable for firewood.

The money raised from selling this item will now help us keep offering opportunities to young people. 

The customer who bought this is very lucky, not only did they get a bargain on a quality piece of furniture, but their money also helped people in their local community

Win, Win, Win

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