Making the most of unwanted furniture

You've chosen your new sofa, youve got a delivery date, the issue is now how do you make room for it? What do you do with the now unloved and unwanted old piece of furniture.

All too often, this huge piece of furniture is simply dumped straight onto landfill.  Its strange that we take great effort to recycle a 100g tin can, but a 120kg sofa is very much, out of sight, out of mind.... All the effort you make to be environmentally friendly during the year is totally lost by one action of disposing of your old sofa.

Most people, even though they get one of these local companies to collect the sofa, don't realise it is simply thrown into landfill. What a waste!

At United Giving, we do our very best to restore and recover this one loved piece of furniture that was the centre of the home. Fixing tears and wears, replacing parts ad cleaning it to make it perfectly valuable and resuable for at least another 4-5 years.

So next time you want rid, think carefully about where your old furniture goes to. You might think its broken or worn, but there are plenty of furniture restoration organisations and charities who will come and gladly clear your property and make sure it is loved again

Your furniture deserves to be loved one more time!

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