Housing Association Void Property Clearance

United Giving are already providing void property clearance services to Housing Associations.  This enables the the housing association to save money and have a quicker turnaround on property

Saving Money - United Giving have lower operating costs as we have no shareholders to pay. As a social enterprise we get reduced costs on our operating model and therefore able to pass those savings on, without compromising the quality of our services.

Unique Partnership - With one housing association, we also work with the housing officers at ground level to provide emergency furniture and white goods back to the association. Saving Tenants money and substantial searching time for the housing officers, allowing them to get one with other key tasks

Quicker Turnaround - Our void clearance services are reactive, available from 7am to 7pm to our housing association property clearance departments. We can often provide same day clearance services.  From the moment the locks on the property are changed we are able to go in and clear all the items, including carpets etc and provide "whitebox" services if required. All in one call

Environmental Targets - United Giving have unique relationships, shops and skilled employees and volunteers. This means we recycle much more than a typical house clearance company.  The amount we can save is reported and shared with our clients that help towards meeting their recycling targets.  United Giving are saving literally tons from landfill every day.

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