Don't be ripped off on house clearance costs

With rising costs of furniture and a substantial growing demand for older furniture, many house clearance companies that charge large sums for clearing properties are actually making much more money on the furniture they remove than the charge they made to clear the property.

This is why if United Giving see any furniture of particular value in a prospective house clearance, we will always inform you and offer to purchase it separately As a social enterprise we feel honesty is key to our rapid growth.

Teak imports are now banned and therefore 1970-1980s teak furniture is becoming very popular.  There is also a move away to solid wood furniture and away from the ikea flat pack. The young modern professional is now keen to find decent "lifetime" furniture.  Again, raising the cost of furniture.

There has been significant rises in the value of Ercol, G-Plan and similar brands because of this. The revival in popularity of design, enormous growth in exports to china, coupled with being well made is seeing furniture of this era is attracting very good prices.

So next time you need a house clearance of are thinking of removing some furniture. Consider the furnitures value in any calculations for the cost of a house clearance.


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